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Ever wanted to try and grow your own Microgreens? Choose your favourite seeds or favourite mix of ours and grow your own at home. Give it as a gift, craft or for the kids to try.

Comes gift wrapped with a compostable grow cup, soil, micrgreen seeds of choice and instructions. Just add water and watch it grow. 

Buy to try, give as a gift to a neighbour, teacher, bus driver, house warming, thank you and more....

Why Valley Microgreens?

Better is better

Everyday that microgreens sit after being harvested they are losing the health benefits that make them amazing. Couple days on a truck to the big box stores, couple days on the shelf, couple days in your fridge etc.

We deliver the microgreens to your door still alive. You harvest as you need and let the rest of them continue to grow on your counter or window sill.

Maximum health benefits to you and your family!

Save the environment

Going Green

improve your health

Packed with Nutrients

Start your path to healthier living today

1 - Sign up for a microgreens subscription. 2- We will deliver them right to your door. 3 - Add them to the foods you already eat.

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