90 Day Microgreen Challenge

90 Day Microgreen Challenge

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90 Day Microgreen Eat Healthier Challenge - Start living healthier the easy way!

Microgreens are baby versions of veggies and herbs that you probably already (or should) be eating right now. They are known to have incredibly dense amount of minerals, vitamins and nutrients in them compared to their mature state. Because they are so small and delicious you can easily add them to everything. You will significantly increase the anti-oxidants and vitamins in your diet by just adding them to your daily meals and routine. 

The Challenge

Challenge yourself to start eating healthier. We will plant, grow, and deliver fresh, still growing, Microgreens to your door for 90 days. You can add these Microgreens to food that you already eat such as pasta, pizza, burgers, tacos, smoothies, eggs, wraps, sandwiches, salads - really anything.
Sign up is $129.97 - a huge savings over buying them at full price. We will be mixing up the flavours so you can try a great variety of what we offer. We are confident that you are going to love them and will want to keep them in your diet after the challenge. If not, no worries as there is no obligation to continue. 
Never Used Microgreens Before? 
No problem - we are here to help! A couple pointers...
  1. They can live on your countertop - no fancy lights needed
  2. Water once a day or every other day by adding water under the grow medium (organic coconut mulch)
  3. Cut as much or as little as you would like.
  4. It's easy to add them to almost anything you are eating. 

BONUS - We will also send you some Microgreen specific recipes you can try as well as adding them to your current diet. 

Buying as a Gift: We can start this 90 day challenge whenever you want. So if you buy this challenge as a gift we can delay the start until after the holidays if you wish :)

Why Valley Microgreens?

Better is better

Everyday that microgreens sit after being harvested they are losing the health benefits that make them amazing. Couple days on a truck to the big box stores, couple days on the shelf, couple days in your fridge etc.

We deliver the microgreens to your door still alive. You harvest as you need and let the rest of them continue to grow on your counter or window sill.

Maximum health benefits to you and your family!

Save the environment

Going Green

improve your health

Packed with Nutrients

Start your path to healthier living today

1 - Sign up for a microgreens subscription. 2- We will deliver them right to your door. 3 - Add them to the foods you already eat.

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